Best Alternative to Hexavalent Chrome

As illustrated in this chart our AMP Process is far superior to the environmental issues and manufacturing issues associated with Hexavalent Chrome.We are the most practicable alternative to Cr6+.

CharacteristicHexavalent Hard ChromeFe2B
Microhardness (Knoop Scale)600-800 KHN2000-2800 KHN alloy dependant
Hardness(Rockwell C Scale)53-63 Rc84+ Ec (estimated to be 116 Rc)
ASTM G-65 Sand Abrasion Resistance65.2 mm3/1000 Rev Mass Loss1.89 mm3/1000 Rev Mass Loss
Dimensional Change To Surface Equal To Coating ThicknessNone
Layer Thickness Range0.0003" - 0.0006"0.0010" Deep
Bond Strength1090 lbs Tensilen/a : No Potential Of Bond Failure
Layer UniformityPoorExcellent
Sulfuric & Hydrochloric Acid Resistance PoorExcellent
Hazardous Waste GenerationSevereNone