Comparison Chart

How do we measure up? Take a look for yourself at how our proprietary AMP technology compares against some of the most common methods around.

PropertiesHard ChromeHVOF Spray 90% Wc_B4C Conversion- Fe2B
Hardness: Knoop980 HK @ 50gr1310 HK @ 50gr2200 HK @ 50gr
Bond Strength; Instron Pull Test1090 lbs Tensile2100 lbs TensileUnlimited
Uniform Layer As TreatedPoorPoor100%
Coefficient Of Friction 45,000 PSI @ 1300 rpm White Mineral Oil1.69 Amps Draw1.09 Amps Draw.12 Amps Draw
Abrasion Resistance(ASM G-65) 1000 RevolutionsAvg 65.2 mm3 Mass LossAvg 4.0 mm3 Mass LossAvg 1.89mm3 Mass Loss
Hazard PotentialExtremely HighMediumNone
Hazardous WasteExtremely HighMediumNone
Dimensional Growth.001 = Coating Thickness.006 MinimumNone
Sulfuric/Hydrochloric Acid ResistanceNoneNoneExcellent
DuctilityPoorVery PoorExcellent