Non Line of Sight

While most industrial coatings are applied to the surface of a metal part via:
• plating baths,
• ion deposition,
• sputtering processes,
• thermal spray,
• chemical and/or physical vapor deposition,
• arc welding or
• other manufacturing processes;

B4C’s process is a non-line of sight process, which, when applied to a part is converted to a slurry consistency. This slurry provides for complete coverage of a part’s entire surface, to provide for proper substrate adhesion at the atomic level. This is an advance to traditional brushing and spray pre-treatments.

If a part has complex geometries, it has traditionally been very difficult to get coatings into place for boronization. The B4C process fills the part with this slurry, so that even if you can’t see the area, the slurry ensures complete coverage.

Other processes which utilize dry coatings can corrode and become brittle, but the B4C diffusion process makes the entire non-line of sight surface joined at the substrate level to the boronized layer.