The Science

B4C is revolutionizing the metal coatings industry. Following years of development, B4C Technologies, Inc has launched a new, commercially viable, cost effective solution for replacing standard surface treatments with a new atomic migration process(AMP). This new process solves many of the problems and instabilities that plague today’s conventional coatings. While this process is generally applicable to manufacturing areas that utilize traditional surface finishing and coating, the B4C is not a coating or a surface finishing process at all, thus it is a viable replacement option to any traditional or standard method.

The AMP converts the diffused layer to a boron rich composition, because the boron is 100% diffused into the substrate, whereas conventional coatings are deposited onto the surface of the specimen, while the AMP migrates into the part, attaching and becoming part of the host material.

Boron is known to have the lowest coefficient of friction of all the elements, and a treated surface against a treated surface results in a CoF of .01 at 15,000 psi. B4C’s proprietary AMP provides advantages never before seen in industrial coatings. This breakthrough advancement in the science of diffusion, as a metal treatment process for ferrous and nonferrous materials, can be used in numerous industrial applications.