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Blaze Technology at Work in Oil Wells

In January 2024, The American Oil & Gas Reporter presented the results of a field study of Blaze® technology deployed in the oil fields of South Texas. Among the findings detailed in this in-depth article:
  • Thousands of Blaze couplings have been deployed in 170 oil wells. (That’s 170 different extreme conditions, with zero failures!)
  • Chesapeake Energy has deployed several thousand more couplings across their asset base, and their have been ZERO coupling or tubing failures associated with B4C couplings.
  • A 20% increase in daily oil well production could be equivalent to an ROI on Blaze® of as much as 5,000%—that’s not a typo; not 50% but 5,000%!

For firsthand information about the success of Blaze in the oil & gas industry, contact our licensee, Endurance Lift Solutions.

Please note: this study is provided for industry reference with the permission of the Artificial Lift R&D Council. Its contents may not be republished or adapted without the specific consent of The ALR&D Council.

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